Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Elon Musk
Bezos, Branson, and Musk and the billionaire space race (Sky News)

The future will be weirder than we think

Developments in the next few decades could change humanity for the next few millennia.

So says this recent opinion piece published by Bloomberg citing genetic and neural engineering, increased longevity for the wealthy, first contact with extraterrestrials, self-replicating space probes and designer…

Parliament Square, London — Black Lives Matter protest — Sunday 7th June 2020

Every so often the statue of Winston Churchill in London’s Parliament Square gets defaced as part of a protest. This past weekend it was defaced during protests supporting the global Black Lives Matter movement. Under the engraved CHURCHILL someone had painted “Was a Racist”.

It’s powerful because it’s factually correct.

Mr Zuckerberg, I’ve been expecting you

Are you following the ISIS Flag Hack?

(Please note: there are updates below — last update posted 17th August 2020)

Everyday more Facebook & Instagram users are finding themselves locked out of their accounts by a security breach that takes just 15 minutes to perform — here’s how:

On May…

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